5 Tips to get you started with meditation

Meditation is known to have a number of benefits on the soul, body and mind. But the effects of meditation will be explored at a later stage. For now, we will look into tips to get you started.

1. Timing

Meditation is all about becoming one with yourself and being able to relax and let go of things. So, in essence, you will need to meditate at a time that is convenient for you. There shouldn’t make some sort of stress or tension to complete the meditation; so ideally a time where you have nothing else on your plate would be ideal. When it comes to meditation, the transition times are the best; meaning the time during sunrise and sunset are primarily suitable for meditation.

2. Place

The place that you choose for your meditation sessions should be quiet and should allow you to meditate in peace. Check out local parks that have secluded areas, or if your house is quiet, then you can meditate in your home itself. Choose a location with least number of distractions.

3. Technology

Technology is a big No No. For meditation to be successful, you need to be detached from the world and not be distracted by any form of technology. If you regularly check your phone during a meditation session, then there is no point to the whole thing. So keep your phone on silent or switch it off before you start your session.

4. Posture

Some experts will say that you have to use yoga-sitting techniques during meditation, but that is really not necessary. What you have to keep in mind is that you should feel comfortable while doing meditation. As long as your spine is erect and you feel relaxed, it is fine. The whole reason behind using yoga techniques is that it checks all the boxes when it comes to proper posture.

5. Hunger

Make sure you don’t meditate after a heavy meal because meditation tends to relax you, and that relaxed feeling can quickly put you to sleep. So try to have a meditation session an hour before you eat, that way you are not too hungry nor are you too full. If you are too hungry during a meditation session, there is a good possibility that you will end up thinking about food more than anything else. But if you do have a routine where you do it before lunch then have an energy bar or a fruit to keep your hunger pangs in check.